Network Advertising

Network Advertising is the next generation of advertising that marketers use to reach the targeted consumer.

At All-Star Media Group, we are a leading online advertising agency that connects publishers (websites) that want to host advertisements with advertisers who want to run the advertisements. All-Star Media Group now has thousands of publishers in our network, and growing every day.

What is Network Advertising?

Traditionally, brand name advertisers or higher budget companies went to the highest trafficked sites and spent their advertising / marketing budget there. They spent more money for more impressions on one site. Those days are diminishing.

Within advertising networks, brand name advertisers, higher budget companies, and business that are just getting started can advertise in the same place. Networks comprise of multiple publishers (websites) that can produce the same, if not more, consumers, page impressions, and higher brand recognition. Not on one site, but on thousands of highly trafficked sites.

For example; why would you advertise in one football stadium, when you can advertise on all 32 of them?

That’s network advertising.

With our revolutionary targeting technology, advertisers are finding that All-Star Media Group’s premium advertising network is the most exclusive, convenient, and effective way to execute all of your advertising goals.

With our reputation, we are a trusted partner to highly trafficked publishers / websites. By placing advertisements provided by All-Star Media Group, websites are generating much higher revenue at no cost to them.

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