Content Channels/Relevance

All-Star Media Group’s contextual targeting platform is comprised of thousands of web content channels. With our abundance of divisions and branding categories your advertisement will be placed in the most relevant places to reach your company’s target audience.

Connect to the Consumer

We analyze all of our premium network websites thoroughly to place each publisher in the right divisions / categories as well as sub-divisions and categories.

For example: If a hotel chain attempting to reach consumers searching for hotels anywhere in the world, your ad (the advertiser) will be disseminated on the appropriate websites across All-Star Media Group’s premium network.

This assures the advertiser that their ad is being delivered to the most relevant and effective websites across our premium network.

Content Channels

Each website in our premium network is placed in a division / category. These are All-Star Media Group’s content channels. Every publisher has a specific demographic and purpose.

Most popular content channels – (number of sub categories):

  • Adult Content (25)
  • Arts (71)
  • Business (581)
  • Casino (27)
  • Computers (980)
  • Games (47)
  • Health (667)
  • Men (909)
  • Real Estate (443)
  • Recreation (948)
  • Reference (190)
  • Shopping (2023)
  • Social Networks (200)
  • Society & Culture (257)
  • Sports (39)
  • Women (1,207)

Entertainment, Music, Employment, Personals, Football, Autos, and Education are all good examples of thousands of sub categories we provide.

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